What’s new for bathrooms in 2019


Technology is ever evolving, taste is ever changing, but the one thing that is a constant is people’s ambition to have interiors that work for them. The bathroom is the one space we should never overlook in terms of style and technology. Just think of what the space can say about you, and how it can tie in with the rest of the vision for your home. And whether you are renovating, building or just looking make a couple of new changes to refresh the space, we have a selection of what we see as the very latest in bathroom design. Here are some of the key features that are going to recur this year and into the future. As always, all looks are available to order or see in our showroom and we would be delighted to help you with your selections.


Matte Black accents.

Matte black accessories are a popular choice in bathrooms these days and they are really giving the popular warm metallic options a run for their money. Matte black is a timeless choice, and it can be applied whether you are going for an industrial look or are striving to create a more classic style. It works well with any colour, making pastels pop and blends well with darker shades. One of our favourite things about black accessories is that it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. You can just add one or two new elements if you want, as they blend really well with chrome accents too.



Black by Smedbo


Introducing colour with furniture

Bolder use of colour has become a regular theme across interiors palettes and we are thrilled to see it making a welcome return to bathroom furniture too. Whatever your own personal style, colour creates a new, fresh, vibrant feeling, however you apply it. But we have to say we can really see this red Sonas vanity unit working with a wide range of different looks. Imagine it paired with elements of the matt black accents above? It would create a sharp, graphic look that would last the test of time.


Sott Aqua red

Sott Aqua red

Rimless toilets

The toilet is the one element of the bathroom that we rarely change, and its less common to see new innovation. But rimless toilets are by far the biggest technological advance in toilets in over a decade, and we are only going to be seeing more of them as times goes on. Rimless toilets are exactly that, toilets without the lip at the top of the bowl.

rimless toilet

Rimless toilet

The best reason for you to consider this option in your home boils down to one thing, hygiene. The rimless option is so much easier to clean and nasties have nowhere to lurk. They come in the same size as standard toilets, they are compatible with dual flush and the prices are in around the same price bracket, so we can see why this option is the way forward in bathrooms.

Roca rimless toilet

Gap rimless toilet by Roca



Bluetooth Mirrors


Once upon a time, singing in the shower was the only way to get a tune in the bathroom in the mornings, the very time you need a bit of a wake-me-up. Over the years, as wireless technology developed across the home, we may have left the bathroom behind a little, but now all that is rectified with the development of Bluetooth mirrors. Bluetooth mirrors allow you to remotely connect your media device, so you get to choose the tunes that wake you up. Plus the Aqualla Bluetooth mirrors all come with a heated demister pad which means steamy mirrors are a thing of the past.



Linea Live Bluetooth Mirror by Aqualla