What is Solar ?


It’s getting colder, we are all preparing for the winter months, and with that in mind, we’re giving you the low down on solar energy.

So what is solar energy all about? Firstly, there are two types of solar. Solar thermal and solar photovoltaic.  Solar thermal consists of solar flat plate collectors or tubes on your roof containing heat transfer elements to a solution, glycol. This is heated by the suns radiation and the heat generated is put to practical use to heat water or other mediums.

During this energy conversion and exchange the water is pumped through a solar coil in the water storage tank where it heats the water.  The system will work throughout the year but it will require the support of a boiler in the shorter days of the winter season where there is less solar gain. It is estimated that solar it will provide you with up to 60% of your hot water needs in winter months.

It goes without saying, the estimated 60% offset in hot water production should directly offset your bills by a similar amount. As well as the available savings available with solar thermal panels and the convenience of hot water in the months you don’t choose to use your boiler, the renewable energy produced helps reduce the emission of CO2 and therefore protects the environment.