Our top picks for beautiful and functional accessible bathrooms


Often times when we picture accessible bathrooms what we envisage is a highly clinical environment. But design in bathrooms has come long way, and we are now seeing a shift towards bathrooms that are not only accessible, but that are inclusive spaces, with aesthetics now on par with functionality. Adapting your bathroom is an opportunity to add value to your home as well as making your life easier, while ensuring you have years of enjoyment in it.


There is a wealth of options available in our showroom for a complete bathroom makeover. Here are some of the choices you can call in and see today.


1. Tiles

Naturally with the bathroom the ultimate goal is to create an environment that is safe for everyone who uses that space. However, form needn’t clash with function. In the showroom we have the Andhra Beige large format tile, with a variety of sizes available. It’s suitable as a wall and floor tile and the semi polished finish belies the most relevant feature: When it gets wet it’s anti-slip qualities only increase.


2. Shower

One of the most popular options we have, and one that can be seen in the showroom, is the Cara split corner pivot door style shower, with innovative design offering the best showering experience possible. The 8 mm laminated glass comes with a Clear Vue protective coating. The doors open inwards and outwards, and there is magnetic closure.

Split Corner Pivot Doors

  1. Shower tray

Shower trays can be a fantastic option to install in a shower instead of tiles. By countersinking them in to the floor, you are ensured level entry access. The Gemstone Shower tray brings an array of features, with a slate texture, gel coated finish, ensuring your wellbeing comes first. A high anti slip rating is just one of the elements, that also includes anti bacterial, non porous properties, and chemical resistance, ensuring that even the most vulnerable members of the family are safe. In style terms, it comes in three different colours, white, grey and black. which leads us to item number 4:

flair gemstone shower room

4. Grab Bars

Grab bars are something that can add independence and assurance in every home. Lessening fatigue while standing and improving stability not only while you are in the shower, but ensuring safety while you enter or exit the area. White grab bars are not the only available option though. The Soul grab bars come in chrome, with stylish black or grey rubber grip, complimenting the Gemstone trays seen above.


5. Toilet

Comfort height toilets aren’t only for those who have mobility issues but are a popular option for taller people too. The Roca Gap comfort height toilet doesn’t compromise on design. It has an elegant look and adds chair height seating for ease of sitting and standing, and can be good for knees and backs.

Roca comfort gap

Call in to the showroom where we have all of these items available to you, so you can see for yourself how easy it would be to pair functionality and aesthetics to the home.