PJ’s Guide to Electric Showers


Welcome to the first in our new series of “PJ’s Guides”, quick and useful articles created to help you make informed decisions about what you need, before you even visit our showroom.

Considering just how much we invest in decorating our bathrooms; picking out the perfect tiles, shower doors and furniture, it could be easy to overlook the important of getting the correct shower unit for your space. Let’s have a look at today’s pick, Electric Showers.

  1. Why is an electric shower the right choice for me?

Electric showers can be used in any home, but are ideal in homes where hot water from the boiler is in short supply.


  1. How does it work?

Electric showers take their water from the cold water supply and heat it within the unit. This means you can have a shower any time, day or night without switching on your hot water in advance.

  1. What does the kW rating mean?

Basically, if you want hotter water at a higher pressure, you’ll need a higher power, and a higher kW rating. However, you need to take into consideration what your household electrical system can handle and the size of your water tank. 7.5kW & 8.5kW are ideal for homes with a smaller water tank. They are also slightly cheaper to run than the 9kW upwards showers (but these models will give you a more luxurious experience).


  1. Is it cheap to run?

In short yes, because the electric shower doesn’t require the water to be heated first. It’s a really efficient system.


  1. What else do I need to know?

Electric showers should always be installed by qualified electricians.


Triton Aspirante Electric Shower

Triton Aspirante Shower

mira elite qt electric shower front

Mira Elite Shower