It’s the little things that really finish off a room, and your bathroom is no different. We bring you a wide variety of accessories, mirrors & lighting – adding the final touches of luxury and style .


How to pick the best lighting for your bathroom

Getting the right lighting for your bathroom mirror can be tricky. While it should serve a purpose such as to shave or apply makeup, the lighting should also fit with the atmosphere of the room. As more people tend to spend longer in the bathroom, from morning grooming routines to evening pampering, you should be surrounded by pleasant, comforting light to create a gentle yet convenient feel to the room.

We believe you can effectively use layers of lighting in your bathroom, as long as the light is distributed evenly.  For example, you can use a combination of ambient light in the form of chandeliers, pendants or flush mounts. Adding a second layer — task lighting that’s ideal for daily grooming activities like applying makeup or shaving — and a third layer, accent lighting, which is designed to highlight the bathroom’s architectural features and decor.

We have a wide range of lighting, layers and more advice for you, drop into our showroom today and let us help you.


Endless choices for style, function & materials

Playful or purposeful, the right bathroom mirror can set off the other elements of your bathroom beautifully. With endless choices for style, function and materials, where do you start?

Serving also as a cabinet your mirror can be the most convenient storage solution for your bathroom, while also bringing your bathroom to life with sleek design and lighting. Our beautiful collection of mirrors includes spectacular LED lighting effects, motion sensors and de-misters.

In fact, our collection is so varied that you may struggle to pick your favourite piece. Which is why we are here to guide you on your decision, helping you find he mirror that best suits your needs.



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