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We have the expertise to guide you in all your heating decisions, from snazzy radiators, to stoves and boilers, to renewable energy.

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Air-to-Water Heat Pump: Heat your Home for Less

An air to water heat pump can reduce the cost of heating your home, by 60%, in comparison to tradition fuel systems (oil or gas boiler). Air to water heat pumps extract heat energy from the outside air and use that to heat your the water for your radiators/under floor heating, and your water tank for your shower, sink and bath.

Almost three-quarters of the heat energy supplied comes FREE from the air, meaning that you benefit from high efficiency heat at low heating costs. There is a very low carbon footprint which gives a better energy rating, and helps the environment.

Drop into the showroom and let us show you how you can save money while also reducing your carbon footprint.


Instant Style & Pazazz

A striking radiator in your entrance hall give truly a warm but stylish welcome. We have seen a huge uptake on designer radiators bringing interest to homes in the region using diverse colours, shapes and textures.

In the kitchen, in the heart of your home, we see even greater opportunity to showcase your style and your warmth with a snazzy radiator to match the kitchen interior design.

So whether your style is sleek and modern, or vintage inspired traditional, we have the statement radiator for you.


As experts, we help you understand what you need.

Heat pumps for domestic use are becoming increasingly popular, affordable and more accessible. They present an attractive alternative to fossil fuel heating systems, offering lower costs and reduced carbon emissions. Heat pumps have become familiar inclusions in new builds, in estates and even apartments.

Different types of heat pump systems draw heat from different sources: air, water or the ground. Heat generated is released into your home using radiators, underfloor heating or warm air. All heat pump systems, can also supply all of the hot water needed for baths, showers and sinks.

Replacing a conventional heating system with a heat pump system, particularly in a well-insulated dwelling, can transform the comfort levels in the home while reducing running costs, energy usage and harmful greenhouse gas emissions.  Drop into our Showroom, we can answer all your questions on how to select and install a heat pump system in your home and how to realise these benefits.

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