Inva-Heat castellated matting panels


This week we are taking a look at the Inva-Heat castellated matting panels, an innovative product to the market.


So what exactly are they?

InvaHeat’s castellated matting panels are interlocking vacuum formed sheets
of recycled plastic which incorporate pipe-locating castles. Sheets are laid
over the sub floor, thermally insulated in accordance with Building
Regulations, overlapping the edges by 75mm and interlocking them to form a
continuous layer. Castellated sheets are useful where there is a restricted
floor depth. 16mm pipework is clipped into the panels and the installation
is complete and ready for the specified screed to be laid.


Matting Panel


What are the benefits of using them for underfloor heating?

1) Saves you money.
2) Installation time for underfloor heating system reduced by up to 50%.
3) As the boards interlock and overlap it removes the need to tape their
4) Removes the need for costly fixing materials such as polythene sheeting,
track and rail fixing and/or clips.
5) Eliminates cold bridging. Cold bridge is a weak spot in the insulation.
6) They present a more stable working surface during installation.

matt panel

Matting panel installed in a home

How do you install InvaHeat castellated matting?

Each insulated floor panel has interlocking edges on all four sides. The
panels connect together until the entire floor surface has been covered.
If a board needs to be re-sized, they can be easily cut on site to fit.

matt panel

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