Our top ten favourite picks in the showroom right now


It’s no secret that we have the largest showroom in the Mid-West, and that means a lot of choice for our customers. In order to help you with your shopping experience we are taking a look at some of our favourite picks, that you can call in and see for yourself right now in the showroom.

1.Freestanding bath 

Freestanding baths never lost their wow-factor, and they are enjoying a resurgence as people are making room for them in their homes. For the Bentley bath in store we went for a dark and daring look, choosing to paint it ‘Mussel’ by Colourtrend. Of course, you can paint it any colour you want. 


Bentley bath in Colourtrend ‘Mussel’

2.Hexagonal Tiles

Hexagonal tiles are huge news right now. The Lieja Perla and the Split Gris tiles on display tread the line between high fashion and classic design, offering the sought-after shape with timeless patterns and colour choices. And we love the detail of these. 


Lieja Perla and Split Gris Hex tiles

3.Coloured Vanity Unit

Everybody loves a showstopper, and the Sott Aqua Red vanity unit by Sonas is hugely popular with everyone who comes in to the showroom. Its offered in a range of colours too, in case bright red isn’t your thing!


Sott Aqua Wall Hung Vanity Unit

4.Matt Black Shower

The stunning Merlyn Black series is incredibly popular. With the minimalist frame design in a matt black finish, it offers elegance and style, all with a lifetime guarantee.


Merlyn Black Shower

5.Adamsez Countertop Basin

No room for a freestanding bath? No problem, we think you can still make an architectural impact with this Adamsez Calabar Countertop Basin. Choose any RAL or coded colour you like for the outer skin, it will be painted at the manufacturers for you.


Adamsez Calabar Basin

6.Woodland Cedra Tile

Wood effect tiles are so realistic thanks to increasingly sophisticated production techniques, and these are testament to that fact. We love the size of the Woodland tile, suitable for any wall, but especially gorgeous in small spaces.


Woodland Cedra Wall tiles

7. Gemstone shower tray 

With a realistic slate texture, this non porous resin composite tray is anti- slip and antibacterial, providing a safe showering experience for all members of the family. Shown here in white, we also have the black version on display in the showroom.

Gemstone shower tray

Gemstone shower tray

8. Solas 60 mirror

New to the showroom, the Solas mirror brings together style and functionality like never before.  The circular LED light provides illumination on a par with that of professional make-up artists, while the form makes a bold interior design statement. 


Solas 60 Mirror

9. Rimless toilet

Rimless toilets are the way forward in bathroom technology. The fact that they are rimless means that they are more hygienic and easier to clean, what’s not to love about that! Pictured is the Roca Gap Rimless Toilet.

Roca rimless toilet

Roca rimless toilet

10. Talisa Wall Cabinet and Vanity Unit

You can never have too much storage. And this is one way to store toiletries in style. The workmanship of this pair is second to none, from the curved edges to the overall finish. There is no way we could have done our first Top Ten list without it! 


Talisa Wall Cabinet and Vanity Unit