Five ways to introduce colour to your bathroom


As we increasingly move towards using colour in our homes to express our style, the bathroom is the one room we are slow to decorate to our own personal tastes. Choosing to keep the space entirely neutral may not marry well with the rest of the home, so how do we introduce colour while still retaining a clean looking, harmonious room? And how do we do it in a way that doesn’t go completely over the top?

Here are five great ways to inject your design with a little colour, and we promise there are no avocado bathroom suites to be seen!

1.Feature wall tiles.

It may be that a coloured tile on all walls of your bathroom will feel a little overwhelming, if it is a small or awkward space. How about a feature wall? Feature walls have long been a mainstay in our living areas and bedrooms, and now is the time to consider the option in the bathroom, in a tile of your choice. The key is to ensure that you pick the right wall, either the one directly opposite the door or one that creates a strong focal point. That way you guarantee a strong visual impact.

wall large

2.Painted bath

There is nothing like the visual statement of a free-standing bath to tell us about the personality of the person living in the home. And as luxurious as a free-standing bath is, it’s quite a large item to leave entirely neutral. A coloured bath can complement your colour scheme, or have it entirely contrasting to really make it pop. You can put your individual stamp on a room with a bath from the Adamsez Calabar range. The baths are painted at the factory, and are available in a massive array of colours, plus matching basins are available too, so you can really have fun with it.

Adamsez Calabar bath composite large large

3.Floor tiles

The bathroom floor is the one space that can be overlooked and although you may favour leaving it neutral, sometimes that can lend a cold, clinical look to the space. Introducing a patterned tile in a warm tonal palette can make a space feel more inviting and really pull the look of a room together. The Revival tile incorporates pops of colour that you can pick up through your choice of accessories, towels etc.

IMG large

4. Bathroom furniture

Painted furniture has been at the forefront of home interior trends for a number of years, and we are increasingly seeing it in the bathroom too, with paint technology ensuring that moisture and humidity aren’t an issue. The Imperial Carlyon range offers a wide range of finishes on their furniture, including a variety of hand painted options.


For so long chrome accessories have been the mainstay in our bathrooms. But there is an emerging trend of modern metallic finishes, so it’s worth changing up your fittings to a bold alternative, that is sure to stay on trend for years to come. Aqualla have introduced the Fuse range in a matt black finish that will enhance any bathroom, and the Ramore oil rubbed bronze accessories would add warmth to a neutral palette.

aqualla ramore basin monobloc mixer tap bronze large

aqualla ramore basin monobloc mixer tap bronze large

Aqualla Fuse Black Minimal large

Aqualla Fuse Black Minimal large